5 Things To Avoid When Shopping For a Wedding Gown

As soon as you get that ring on your finger, heck, even when you get the slightest clue that you’ll be getting that ring – yes, the engagement rock – you’ll probably look up all over google on tips, how-to’s, where-to’s on all things wedding.

And we bet you’ve gone through the 1,000 wedding checklists – from ones that lists “your favourite pet’s food bowl for reception” in there to “write Aunty Sally’s name label in Pink because that’s her favourite colour”.

So, for our latest blog post, we decided to be niche.

Let’s talk about… the 5 things you should AVOID when gown shopping.

  • Bringing 20 People Along

We know, we know. Shopping for a wedding gown is an important event and can be an emotional one (e.g. when a family member or close friend sees you in that gown for the first time!). You also want to get opinions from people who matter most, especially those who can be honest with you – and you might actually have quite a few individuals just at the top your head!

While it’s important to get opinions on wedding gowns, especially from loved ones, it’s equally important to not bring along too many friends and family members. This is because too many different opinions will not help but rather, will cause more confusion. Our suggestion is to bring along 3 – 4 really close family members or friends, who aren’t afraid to share their honest opinions with you, and whose opinions you value the most.

  • Trying on 20 Gowns

The more options, the better, right? Well, it depends. One trend that we often see is that trying on way too many gowns always isn’t helpful because it tends to cause more confusion in brides and this often leads to more stress.

  • No Budget / Being Unrealistic About It

Not having a budget or an “idea” of how much you would like to spend on a wedding gown really isn’t helpful to anyone. Wedding gowns range from a few hundreds to tens and thousands of dollars, hence having a budget in mind will be very helpful in narrowing down your choices. On that same note, being unrealistic about your budget will only cause disappointments to all. Our two cents worth is to understand the quality of gown and look around to get a clear idea of the cost of your ideal wedding gown. Feel free to drop us a note at contact@dentellebridal.com for a quote on your dream wedding gown.

  • Gown Shopping 3 Months Before Your Wedding

Planning a wedding itself can be quite stressful so shopping for something as major as your wedding gown, just a few months before your wedding, will only add to the stress. We recommend giving yourself enough time to survey the market, understand the kind of gowns you like and of course, giving the designers enough time to work on your gown. We suggest gown shopping 6 to 8 months before your actual wedding date. 

  • Gown Shopping Without A Clue

It’s okay not having an idea about what you want in a wedding gown. Maybe, it wasn’t something that has crossed your mind and really, you’ve never given it much thought – till, well, you got proposed to. That’s fine.

But, having 0 idea about the kind of wedding gown you want when gown shopping really isn’t advisable – I mean, where do you start and where do you end? Our take on this is to browse through wedding gowns online, look up wedding inspirations on Pinterest, etc, get a rough idea on what you’re looking for in a wedding gown – details can always be built and added on when meeting with the designers.

We hope you’ve found this little list useful. Please feel free to drop us a message if you have any questions at all!




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