To Get It Custom-Made or Not? That Is the Question.


Custom-made wedding dresses aren’t just for royal brides though many today still opt for the conventional way of hunting dresses (renting, wedding packages, etc.) simply due to a misconstrued notion that a custom-made wedding dress is always more expensive than a rented one.

Here’s how to know if you’re better off with having your wedding dress custom made or rented..

Go for a custom-made wedding dress IF:

  • You can’t find something off the rented rack – especially if you have a particular design in mind.
  • You can’t find a dress off the rented rack that FITS you.
  • For any dress you pick off the rented rack, there’s ALWAYS something – and it could be a tiny detail – that you don’t like but can’t remove.
  • You have a dress design in mind which you know will go so well with your wedding theme and bridesmaids dressess… OOoooHHH!
  • You are an “artsy” person and you want an unconventional two-piece wedding dress which you can alter into party dresses after the wedding, HAH!
  • You don’t like the “time frame” that comes with wedding dresses for rent…. Like, who’s got time for that, right – especially if you’re doing a destination wedding!!
  • You dislike going to many places and compromising on dress designs.

Besides, with the amount of money you’ll fork out for a rental dress, you can actually own one for your wedding... a design that belongs to only you.

Drop our lovely team a message at if you have any questions on custom-made gowns. We can’t wait to hear all about your dream wedding dress! 

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